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Re-creating a Worship ministry Intro

Over the next few weeks and months (and maybe years) I will be posting here somewhat regularly on the subject of my time at Rocky Mountain Christian Church in Niwot, CO (which is in Boulder County).

RMCC has a rich history of being leaders in the Boulder County area for now almost 30 years.  At one point they were THE church in this area, with ministry bustling, programs going crazy good, and worship services were an event to behold.  The choir and orchestra were amazingly big and they used both of those programs to their fullest abilities: massive productions, massive choir/orchestra specials in worship, etc.  

However, over the past 10 years, as elements like choir and orchestra have become less “en vogue” the church hit a time that many churches hit…the time of “Well, what’s next?”  Unfortunately, over the last few years, those questions have been answered in many different ways, and consistency in the worship program was rare.

So, here I am.  I am NOT a savior for this program.  I am part of a team that will be working to change the worship culture in this church.  But, make no mistake - over the next few months (and most likely years) the worship program at Rocky Mt. Christian Church will change - hopefully for the better.  The team we have here is incredible.  And we all are dedicated to making the worship program something that connects with the congregation, invites people into worship, allows people to participate in worship, teaches people what true worship is, and allows for people to use their gifts in worship.

So, I’ll introduce you to some of the key characters in this story:

Alan Ahlgrim - lead pastor at Rocky Mt.  He helped start the church nearly 30 years ago.  He is remarkably outgoing and personable, passionate about the Niwot Campus.

Darrell Hammond - Darrell is the boss of my boss.  He’s a calm, former CEO type, who came from the business world and applies much of his business principles to how he works within the church.

Barry Young - Barry is the former tech director who is stepping in as the “worship architect”.  Basically, what that means is that he goes to meetings so we creative types don’t have to.  He is my boss.

Byron Dudrey - Byron is an incredible talented musician who has been the glue that held everything together at RMCC in between the last 3 worship leaders.  He was originally hired to lead orchestra, but his duties are much much more than that.  He is the guy who does most of the personnel stuff when it comes to both campuses of RMCC (more on the campuses later).

Ryan Rivetto - Ryan is one of the worship leaders here.  He is also a youth pastor.  He is young and a talented worship leader.  Also very, very funny.

There are other characters who may pop up in the story from time to time…but these guys are the main characters that will keep the plot going!

So, that’s the intro to what this blog will ultimately be.